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Sea Horses (Level 1)

Entry Level Requirements

  • Comfortable in a group setting
  • Will hold onto the wall
  • Potty Trained
  • Enter water with instructor (without parent)

Will learn

  • Blow bubbles
  • Float on stomach
  • Float on back assisted
  • Hold breath

Sea Turtles (Level 2)

Entry Level Requirements

  • Front float
  • Assisted back float
  • Kick with face in water (wall)
  • Jump in when asked (caught)

Will learn

  • Back float unassisted
  • Kick on kick board unassisted
  • Streamline on stomach
  • Dive for toys unassisted

Seals (Level 3)

Entry Level Requirements

  • Front float for 10 seconds
  • Back float for 5 seconds
  • Streamline and swim 5 yards
  • Jump in unassisted

Will Learn

  • Swim w/kick board 15 yards
  • Kick with kick board 25 years
  • Side breathing (free)
  • Enter and Exit the pool from deck

Dolphins (Level 4)

Entry Level Requirements

  • Swim 15 yards freestyle
  • Swim 10 yards backstroke
  • Side breathing
  • Streamline

Will learn

  • Swim 25 yards free
  • Swim 15 yards back
  • Side breathing
  • Breaststroke kick

Sharks (Level 5)

Entry Level Requirements

  • Swim 25 yards free
  • Swim 15 yards back
  • Dive into the pool

Will learn

  • Flip turn
  • Breaststroke
  • Improve speed and endurance
  • Stroke improvement

Lap Swim

  • All ages
  • Designed for more organized swimming up and down the pool repeatedly. 
  • Pool is set up for competitive swim practice and people will exercise on their own.
  • If multiple people are sharing a lane, you will circle swim.

Why is learning to swim important?

In one hour, swimming burns about 40% more calories than biking.
young swimmer, child, kick board
Swimming lowers stress and depression.
Swimming strengths the heart and lungs.
Swimming strengthens the heart and lung.

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